Imaging devices

Fluobeam® and Fluostick™ are handheld CE medical device Class IIa performing real time fluorescence imaging during open surgery.

These devices are indicated to visualize on a screen the flow, the distribution and/or the accumulation of Indocyanine Green (ICG) before, during and after surgery for the indications such as:


Visualization of the blood flow

Visualization of the lymphatic flow

Visualization and identification of the bile ducts during hepatobiliary surgery

Visualization and detection of primary liver tumors and/or hepatic metastases


Fluobeam integrated solution Fluobeam FluoStick

Fluobeam® and Fluostick™ can also be used in the frame of clinical trials with markers different from ICG such as molecular imaging probes to detect tumors or to visualize tumor margin.

Fluobeam® Integrated Solution has been designed to facilitate the fluorescence imaging visualization and set up management.



Medical device
Fluobeam® and Fluostick™ Class IIa
Fluocart™ Class I
This medical device can be used only by healthcare professionals.
Before first use, user must read the medical device instructions for use and its label.

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